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Becoming a business partner that provides you a safety, reliability and value-added services to all types of company in Hong Kong

UBOX's ``Business Storage Solution``

Office rents in Hong Kong are high with the growing numbers of businesses sprouting within the major cities and metropolises. Maintaining the ever-increasing, vital business documents and items in workplaces could be burdensome and costly. To this end, we have specially designed our surefire business storage option, to serve as better alternatives to traditional storage options – helping businesses create comfortable and conducive working environment that boosts productivity and long term business development.

Like our household storage solutions, ubox business storage solution guarantees flexibility and variety combinations for large-scale, medium and small enterprises, making it simple and easier to meet different needs. You can select from the storage packages or request to have a tailor-made storage solution.


Charge as you go

Charge as you go, giving you more special options with no penalties.

24 Hours Delivery Response

Our professional delivery team offer doorstep conveyance within 24 hours after scheduling delivery

Reliability and Safety

Our facilities are highly secured with 24-hour CCTV, fire service equipment, emergency lighting system, fire exit instruction signs are installed in accordance with safety standard

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