Self Storage
Store up your stuffs in state-of-the-art and insurance covered facilities. We offer varied size of storage unit for your needs.

Why Store With Us?

Free Delivery / Free Reservations

Reserving your space at ubox Storage is always free and easy. No payment is required, and there’s no obligation. Please contact/WhatsApp at 6194-5500.

No Long-term Commitment

Wide range of storage unit sizes with Short or long-term options available.

Climate-Controlled Units

ubox Storage is a climate-controlled storage unit that beneficial for storing valuable or environmentally-sensitive items and keeps you comfortable when you visiting your storage spaces.

Convenient Access Hours

The self-storage unit you rent is your own private domain and with 24/7 unlimited access, you are the only person who has access to your unit.

Regular clean & Pest control

Cleaning and Pest Treatments are scheduled to ensure our self-storage facilities are extremely clean, bug-free, and well-lit.

Reliability and Safety

24-hour CCTV, automatic fire sprinklers, air-conditioning and fire alarm systems for property protection.

Variety of Unit Sizes

Your truly one-stop destination for everything you need when storing, we are providing the variety selection of storage types.

Flexible Combinations

Suitable for different item sizes, variety of combinations, short and long storage periods.

Tuen Mun Yau Tak Shop

12 Sq Ft

16 Sq Ft

20 Sq Ft

24 Sq Ft

28 Sq Ft

32 Sq Ft

Wong Chuk Hang Shop

8 Sq Ft

16 Sq Ft

22 Sq Ft

24 Sq Ft

28 Sq Ft

32 Sq Ft

Cheung Fat Shop

8 Sq Ft

12 Sq Ft

16 Sq Ft

24 Sq Ft

28 Sq Ft

32 Sq Ft

1. When you order. You choose how much space you need and pay for the first month upfront when you book.

2. Each month. You pay for your storage monthly. You can move stuff in and out – if you end up storing more or less, we’ll simply adjust your unit size to the correct size and then update any future monthly payments.

3. Remark.

  1. one (1) month deposit paid in advance is required.
  2. Size shows are the approximate area and may have differences in actual measurement by customers.
  3. We reserved all rights to make any revised offers and prices without prior notice. All the exact amounts are stated in compliance with the Storage Unit License Agreement.
  4. HK$60 per access card.

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