Need help being reunited with your stuff? Look no further!

What items can I store in ubox?

You can store up any item ranging from wears to books to DVDs, sports materials, and seasonal items – as long as it fits in the box and doesn’t exceed the weight limit of 20kg.

Please bear in mind that we do not store pet animals, perishables, fragile items (unless you ensure perfect packaging), illegal substances, explosive and inflammable materials, luxurious items of any kind.

In summary, we only accept legal, harmless, and non-perishable items.

Is there any weight limit for each boxes?

We endear you to limit the weight of each box to 20kg. Any box found to have exceeded the 20kg limit would be recommended for repacking and excess would be stored in a separate box.

How can I seal the box?

Our boxes come with unique seal numbers to enable you keep your stuffs sealed tight till you order delivery. We hold our clients’ privacy in high esteem, so it’s beyond the ethics of our operation to open any of your boxes.

All boxes look identical, how do I mark my box?

Each box has its own distinct bar code/QR code. You can upload your box title, description, and photos to the system, so you can easily manage your boxes.

Can I use my own box?

Usually, we recommend and provide durable, safe, and sizeable boxes for storage. If you choose your own boxes, we treat them as oversized items and we charge an oversized monthly fee.

I learnt your facilities are insurance protected, are my boxes covered too?

Of course, your boxes and stuff are covered by insurance. It starts from the point of pick-up, transit and lasts till the point of delivery. Protection on each box is valued to the amount of HK$ 1,000.

However, we do not guarantee protection for fragile items such as glassware, porcelain and electrical equipment. If you need to store fragile items, make sure they have been properly packaged to avoid damage.

What other things are not covered in your insurance?

We do not guarantee any damage caused by natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes.

What safety systems do your facilities have?

For security and safety reasons, our warehouse is not open to the general public. We have also mounted 24-hour surveillance, fire alarm, and air conditioning systems to enable us to monitor and take adequate actions when necessary.